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June '07 Desktops

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Desktop Guidelines:

- Do NOT post multiple desktops in a single post.

* Use a thumbnail of your desktop no larger than 640px * 480px.

* You are allowed to have discussion in this thread but keep it on topic: requests and questions are fine, but nothing else. Posts will be deleted at moderators discretion.

* If you are going to quote a post remove the image from within the quote, otherwise you will be suspended for a day. I really will enforce this rule this month because I'm tired of editing people's posts.

* Keep this thread clean! No nudity in any image posted here, keep all thumbnails PG rated. If the fullsized image of your desktop contains nudity, warn the user that it is not safe to click. Failing to comply with this rule will result in a one day suspension.

* Only moderators may create the monthly desktop thread.

* Any rules broken will result in a warning or ban at moderator's discretion.

* Any Windows screenshots of esXXI's Myre will result in a 3-day suspension on the first offense, a 7-day suspension on the second offense, and a permanent ban on the third offense.

* Ripping and releasing themes is not allowed.

* Posting screenshots of themes that are not yet released is allowed, so long as it's okay with the author(s). One week-ban if this is infringed once, with increasing penalties for more infractions. Authors should contact Timan, nightcrawler1089, or gnomexp with complaints. They will be promptly addressed--first and foremost, we'll always support authors and developers.

* This rule may be altered at any time during the month if there are problems. If it's successful, we'll do it again.

Hope everyone likes the new rules ^_^.

Please note, all forum rules apply in this thread. Most importantly, report rules violations. Members found to be moderating will be suspended.

I truly am the master :P. -NC

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Posted Images

Small preview. All I can do with Picasa Web =)

Check my album (preview is a link to it).


Icons: Agua by David Lanham + Stiker System (didn't know who did it...)

Walls: Pi by (do not remeber)

GUIKit: TenFive (from Macthemes 2 forum)

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Running Windows Vista, default Aero theme.

With Windows Live Messenger 8.5 BETA

House icon: Iso-Plasto House by ~balpert

Thanks to TravelFox @ AS for the typewriter icon.

Thanks to AppleThink @ AS for the wallpaper.

I'm not too happy with the wallpaper, but I'm having a hard time finding one that looks good.. I've tried a couple hundred walls, but can't find one that I'm happy with that I haven't used already for a long time. If anyone has any wallpapers they think would look nice...

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