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Lucid weather

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I am new here and hope this is the right section.

I downloaded lucid weather and cannot get it to show anything what am i doing wrong?? I tried to enter my zip code and everything but nothing seems to work. It will not display and sort of temp or anything. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like.


Need help badly :(

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I had that problem too. Not sure if this will helps but it did for me.

Instead of enter settings there.

1. Right click on the docklet and press "Configure

2. Go to the tab "Meters" and mark the Weather meter and press configure

3. go to http://weather.com/ and find the page with the weather you want and in the adressfiled you should see something like this


In this case, SWXX0020 is the weather-code for Malmo, in Sweden.

4. In the configure weather dialog. Replace the XXXX with the weather code you found on weather.com


5. Press OK, OK and then It should works. At least it does for me.

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