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FolderJpg2Ico - create thumbnails for folders with music ( folder.jpg -> ico)

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Idea by Salvo Nicolosi:

I resume the typical situation I have. I've got a BIG folder called "albums" in which there are 100's of subfolders, each one containing an album (mp3).

For each of them I've got one file inside called folder.jpg with the album cover: in XP this is enough to get the thumbnail.

But the folder preview is a jpg and does not appear when you swich to "details", "icons" or "titles" view... right?

So the idea is to to generate a "custom icon" for each folder FROM folder.jpg.

Screen-shot of application:


Example of use ( Windows Vista )



Example of use ( Windows XP, © Salvo Nicolosi )


Uses :

png2ico ( OpenSource )

Copyright © 2000-2003 by Matthias Benkmann


topng ( freeware )

Copyright © bcheck.net


Please be notifed this is a beta-version.

Download: ( png2ico and topng is included in zip )

Windows: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista

Status: Freeware

http://rapidshare.com/files/33006888/folderJpg2Ico.zip ( 519 Kb )

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