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I love Minimalistic desktops, so here is one I created. Icons and application windows look

excellent against this background, enjoy! :cool:


Your background is the work of Henri Liriani. This is considered a rip. PM NC or myself with an explanation soon.

- gnomexp

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nice...but it looks kinda tiled :slant:

maybe try to make the pattern more spaced out?

Edit - lmfao, i was lookin around A.S. and my mom sees a thread called "woody" and she says to me "what are you looking at?!"

i think you should change the title :P

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Woha, I barely noticed that. I guess i've been starring at this wally for a while that I never noticed when I made it.

I still like it though. Its like actual flooring, after a while you start to notice patterns. Anyway I will tweak it and try

a re up of the file. You guys feel free to tweak it and make it your own.;)

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I'm not claiming I made the pattern, its just a royalty free stock photo I had sitting on my

hard drive. I have had this for at least 6 months for my own personal use but just decided

I would release it in several sizes.Sorry for any misunderstandings :slant:

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It is NOT a stock photo. It is NOT royalty-free, or released freely for modification. It is the copyrighted, limited work of Henri Liriani, of which you do NOT have permission to use.

Closed. PM NC or myself soon, as this is considered a rip.

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