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Compressed file type icons

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I decided to open my photoshop and make my own compressed file type icons.

I know this idea is nothing so original, but I was inspired by a OS-X zip icon I saw some days ago.

All in PNG 128 x 128. If you want another extension and color than these, let me know and I can make it for you.

Hope you enjoy !!!










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i like em, but they look flat rather than like a box (unless that's what you were aiming for)

The shadow looks like its hanging from a wall.

Dont get me wrong, they're very nice ;)

Definitely gunna use em

This was intentional.. .

Thanks for the comments !!! ;-)


Great Idea and cool icons. I would love to see a .sitx-icon and maybe a .cab

Ok !!! I'll see what I can make with sitx and cab... and soon I post here !

Thank you for the idea !!!


sitx and cab uploaded !

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