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Freeware Partition Manager

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Yup. Seek help! You actually WANT to go to Fat32? Why? It's not even supported any longer.

Pop in an old xp install cd and when you get to the choose drive part...select your partitions and do what you want to them..and then just reboot ...thats as free as your going to get...or..if you have Vista..drop to a console and use diskpart.. if you have win98 drop to command and use fdisk.

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I can see why someone would want to go from NTFS to FAT32. And that is if one wants to read and write to a disk with OS that is not WindowsNT based (2000, XP, Vista), yet still be able to access with a Windows OS. I have had this issue before. I would like to run Linux as my primary OS (getting tired of the Windows crap every friggen time I have to reinstall), however the majority of my music, movies, and pictures are on a NTFS formatted drive.

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linux not only can read ntfs partitions, with ntfs-3g it can even write to them.

The only drawback i have found is when deleting in linux folders which windows can see as "trash-username" are created.

Also, the disks are not mountable if the drive is marked dirty (its happened when windows crashed on me and i booted up linux straight after, thats easy to solve)

Anyway, why not convert it to ext3 if you aren't going to be using windows alongside it?

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