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MB or MBP ?

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I am trying to decide which would be right for me, A macbook, or a Macbook pro. I want to use pro applications, but have heard that the macbook actually does slightly better than the pro version, with editing things in final cut studio. I was wondering if someone can help me decide which to get.

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what you heard was wrong. the low end stock macbook is 1.83ghz w/ 512mb ram.

the low end stock macbook pro is 2.16ghz with 1GB ram. the mb could be faster if you max it up, but the mbp would be your best bet if you want to run pro applications at a great speed

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Also, if your going to be editing anything, you want a a large widescreen. When it comes to video, making your own music, etc, those programs usually have a timeline you have to scroll through. The MBP 15.4-17" screen is very friendly for something like this, but I imagine it wouldn't be that good on your eyes to do anything on the MB's 13" screen.

Along with that goes the way you want to present your work... the bigger the better. Depending on how much media you actually interact with on a reglar basis, you may even want to consider buying a second screen, or just get a desktop. Also, as Ellada said, the MBP is much more powerful.

I'd say the Macbook is for people who want a Macintosh laptop, where the Pro is for people who want a Mac laptop for some serious work.

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Ive got a macbook, and it works just fine. I just need a laptop where I could do some work and listen to some music without my ms word crashing at the wrong time. The 13' is really good, because its small and light, great for dragging around school. The outside plastic looks cool, but it gets scratched real easily. Been problem free since I got it, so if you will be doing what im doing, I suggest the MB. Like others have said, its all based on what your doing with it. BUT, the MBP looks way hotter then the MB. ;)

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Since I do quite some Video / Photo editing, I'm seriously considering purchasing MBP myself... apart from power under the hood, the more screen estate on MBP is enough reason for me.

1440 x 900 (approx 1.3 MP) on MBP vs. 1280 x 800 (approx 1 mp) on MB.

17" is more nice but since I'm looking at certain portability aspect I'll be settling for 15" MBP.

(I'm really sick dragging my 14" iBook around by now)

Anyway, I was planning to get one may/june earlier.. but now I think I'll stick around till Leapord + LED Backlit Display (and possibly SSD) included MBP. so that would mean waiting till last quarter of 2007.

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