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Joost now released... sort of

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Ok, so I don't have to log into Joost every 5 minutes..

Go to www.joost.com


mysillypc - user

mysillypc - password

Download it...install it...and log in.....invite yourself..or use that login...


Oh yea.....to log out of Joost's Application

poen a console...

cd /

cd progra~1

cd joost

xulrunnertvprunner.exe application.ini -p

delete the profile shown....and uncheck "Don't ask at startup"

Close that and reopend Joost...you can now log in as your new ID....if you use that info above....

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You people blind? I posted above on how to get an Invite! I just got tired of loging into Joost 100 times a day.. I have several thousand from different accounts....use the account i posted above.

I've given over 60 invites to members just on this forum...and only 1 maybe 2 have shared some of there 999 invites. People are very inconsiderate and greedy. What the heck are you going to do with 999 invites?

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ok,,....i've double checkd and ALL pending request have been filled. Enjoy :-) (That means, you all got your Joost invites.

btw...incase anyone else was wondering, I'm also known as Boog on a ton of sites...so if your invite comes from Boog...thats me too. :-)

I don't wanna annoy you...

but I didn't get my invitation.



Thanks :)

I tried to login, but I get this "We've encountered a problem when we tried to log in with the details you provided. Please try again. Sign in using your Joost username and password."

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