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May '07 Desktops

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I'd be apologizing to all of the people who now have their email addresses/contact names exposed in your Live Messenger window.

You dont have to be an as* about it. Their black-bared out... I was appologizing about the obnoxious black boxes,

I was showing Live messenger to show the programe edits I had made.

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Kinda horrible... First time with rumshot... new to these forums...


didn't seem to work... how do I get the image and then when you click on it to go to the full i mage?

You can't use raw html, use the bbcode buttons.

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Yes you can! Here:


Blah blah! Replace curlies with straight brackets!

From the posting rules on the bottom left: HTML code is Off

If that was on, his code would have worked and the image would have displayed. ;) If by straight brackets you mean [ then yes, that'll work because that is the bbcode.

Carry on with the screenshots.

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