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gone hd: part deux

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so, i'm out kicking around today and wander into the circuit city where i bought my tv, 3 weeks ago today. i don't see anything i wanna buy, so i mosey on over to the tv section. ooooh, look....there's the tv i bought. nice picture. hey, wait a second, this tv is now on sale for $599. just 3 weeks ago, i paid $999! i RUN to the first sales person i can find.

me: hi. you guys got 30 day price protection, right?

him: yup.

me: well, i bought this tv 3 weeks ago and now it's on sale. i am entitled to the difference?

him: you sure are. come with me.

so, we go to the sales counter, he asks for my phone number to look up the receipt, calls over the manager for approval, and, viola! they credit my bank account $433 including tax.

today...pretty good day. :):):)

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You are one mean a**hole, ain't you shmengie... you just like to tease us AquaSoftians !!

By the way, Wii is the way to go if you wanna have fun... unless you just wanna see pretty HD games on your new HDTV.

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That's cool luck man. Good job on that quick find :)

My family and I did that with a TV we bought 5 years ago. It was $999 in your case and then some black Friday special came up, and the tv was $299. Huge difference in price. Then we bought a surround sound speaker set :)

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Wii is a joke, be honest. Who here has bought one and not touched it since their 5min of fun with WiiSports, and 50 boring hours of zelda?

Nice little console, but if you want something to play on your hdtv, that sure as hell isn't one of them. Even with component cables it'll be blocky.

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Hey shmengie time to piss on your parade, just bought a new tv today. Samsung 1080p 46" LCD goodness :P

I had to do a ChildSupport site to pay for this one :P we need a home theater thread, who wants to start that? Whoever does we need a picture of their setup.

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Come on where do you guys work, i want in lol.

is it drugs you can tell me, its drugs isn't it lol jks.

1080p can't wait till they get them here we have only got 1080i at the moment but thats all my xbox 360 can handle so um dammit lol.

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Haha, only damn thing that didn't look crappy on TV. Gotta sell a few old dvds and maybe I can pick up some bluray movies. Things are so pricey 30~ a pop. OUCH

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I love how you left the Full HD sticker on there... if it were mine it'd be there for a few weeks :P

And yeah, the TV is only half of it. If you want good picture, you buy an 80 dollar cable. And then you get the stinikin' discs that were less than a dollar or two to make. I guess that's just where the money is...

Shop at Best Buy (workplace) ;)

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