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Virtual 3D Desktop Manager

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I can't figure out how to download it.

OtakuSoft has recently acquired YODM3D, and will be relaunched soon in the form of DeskSpace.

"DeskSpace will be not be freeware, but will be very reasonably priced. We haven't finalized the price yet, but it will be between $15 USD and $20 USD."

"We will also be making available a discounted DeskSpace+TopDesk bundle, and will be offering discounts to current TopDesk customers." - from the OtakaSoft website.

While it sucks that it is freeware no more, I'm confident that the compentent folks behind topdesk will create a quality piece of software.

If you're looking for the old freeware version you can find it here.

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what? cubedesktop is by far better!

3D effects (layouts) : 3d cube, 3d explorer, 3d flip, 3d carousel and 3d roll (a cylinder!)

2D effects : desktop preview, windows exposer (like mac osx expose)

"water ripples" effect when droping windows between desktops.

it supports high resolution skyboxes and 360ยบ beryl/compiz panoramic skydomes, desktop protection by password, application rules (move applications automatically to selected desktop when they start).

deskspace only has the 3d cube

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CD is far better, more features, and is way faster (DS can't do rounded corners at any reasonable speed, CD manages it)

Unfortunately, DS supports dual monitors smoothly, CD utterly fails at it.

EDIT: Oh, and yay for 3-axis movement, DS feels almost 2D without it, I hope they add it soon)

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