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How long have you been skinning?

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I started changing wallpapers and fonts in Windows 3.1 back in 1995, then in Win95; I even remenber trying to make them look like early Mac OS; I also remenber trying to skin Win98 with LiteStep, but my 486SX with 32MB? of RAM couldn't handle it, neither my patience (damn scripts).

I remember webpages like DeskMod.com...early Windowblinds; MacOSX had such a beautiful shell, I just loved at first sight (or first screenshot).

I also remember coming to this page years ago, but I don´t know why I didnt register, I guess I always found my skinning answers somehow. Damn, I wish I had more time to skin my computer now. :(

I´m getting old! :)

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I started skinning Windows in late 2002 when I discovered StyleXP, I bought it, one of my worse decision :mad:. I found out AquaXP (ah the good old day of AquaXP) and eventually Aqua-Soft about a year later which made me switch to Windowblinds, thanks to Xero's Aqua and brush themes :)

I made my first port back in 2004 when my favorite porter Bz followed the voice of his Mac mini :mad:. I've been a loyal Mac user since 2006.

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