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Looking for these icons...

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All these are my mods and are NFR


Liquival why do you deserve for everyone except you to look for all these icons?

Because if you started searching you would have found out that the HD drive is Kromo x Pridef, and that the music icon is Blue Malboro's, the damn "oscar the grouch" has been posted enough times, and that metallic trash icon is the damn default of OS X

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I did look for these icons and didn't find them, so i posted this in the requests section. I can't just magically think up the name "Kromo" by looking at a drive icon. I just found the oscar the grouch icon, in only one post.

Thanks for the info, you don't need to bug out though.

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Little of help

Vlc- Panoramix mod

Green truck. NFR

World box- Enhanced Labs RIP

Front Row- Iiro

PS BOX... NO words.. those are everywhere... or you may open PS make a square and add a linear efect.

Icon factory.. Cutted out from the site

Baskets- Payware of Iconbase

MIlitard HD- Susumu

Safari icon- Jonas

Black book with thunder- MOD of austin

Music icon- Mine (micro extras)

Militar bus- Susumu maybe doubleclick mod (not sure)

Laundry icon- Doble click wip

The santa man... and the other one- susumu

Lalalalalalala hope those are enough ;) good luck searching man

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