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Anyone working on Skinadoptions for MediaWiki and Squirrelmail?

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I'm just searching for the Aqua-Soft skin in a usable form for a MediaWiki and a Squirrelmail webmailer installation. Has anyone already adopted the Skin for these webapplications or is working on such a fork? Or ould i have to work it out by myself?*g*(Ok,ok, sounds like i'm lazy, but i'm just not really a Webdesigner but more a normal Networker focused on Networkadministration/-organisation/-planing and Networkhardware, so it would be a long time-eating job for me to do it by myself*g*)

Thanks for a possible reply,


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I'll try to get a basic header / footer (html/set of images) in the next release, so you guys can just copy and paste those, into your own scripts to get it a more aqua-soft skin look and feel.

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