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Free app to shut off monitors

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Hey helpful folks at AS, is there a freeware/opensource windows app that would let you turn off your screen(s) w/ the click of a button (hotkeys) and have timer countdown monitor shutdown capability?

Thanks in advance,

oh, and for anyone interested in Cosplay Anime Conventions, I just posted a few pics I took on Sunday of the SakuraCon here in Seattle that happened over the weekend; I even opened a flickr account (my first foray) to post these:


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Thanks Zaft, I think that putting a monitor in standby and shutting it down pretty much accomplishes the same thing: Turns off the monitor backlight, correct?

This is indeed what I'd like to do. Do you know if this is dual monitor friendly? I suppose I could install YWE again but hoping there'd be a smaller, lightweight program, even portable, which could accomplish the same thing.

@Dream_Team, there's a thread over at neowin for this same question but for the mac, I think someone had answered a solution, you should be able to find it via a search. Let me know if you have troubles. Oh, and thanks for the friendly comment. You know.. I'm not sure about the Haruhi dance... probably done aplenty at the night raves hosted on friday and saturday... fun stuff :)

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Multi Monitor friendly, it just shut them down like the Windows option in power management (I can finally remove the 1 minute setting :) ) , I think it just cuts the signal, so an iMac will just power off the whole screen while another will display an message, then cut off the backlight.

If you don't want to read the whole post :P :

Works with Vista, dual monitor friendly, can be extracted from the widget, turns off backlight so you can sleep well if your computer is in your room.

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I've got an application that I've thrown together over the last couple of hours that can do this for you. Features a nice fade to black / fade out to desktop when turning off the monitor. Also it's can turn the monitor back on by pressing the associated hotkey or moving/clicking the mouse. I should have it ready for release in the next hour or two.

Edit: Now released. Check it out here.

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