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Nubs 1.1 - hide on click, positions, focus, etc

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Hmm, just played with nubs. Neat little proof of concept type app. The improvement over the taskbar to allow the use of spacial position has some nice benefits.

Things that would make me use it on a daily basis, and not just as a toy:

1) Hiding window on click - in my mind, clicking a nub should minimize the window

2) Window positions - It'd be nice if instead of defaulting to the upper left corner being at 0,0, window positions were remember, pre-drag to edge of screen. Going to the upper left has a distinct disadvantage for me as I keep my taskbar on the left side of the screen. I'm guessing the window positions aren't saved since when I move and release the window at the edge of the screen, saving that window position wouldn't make sense, and tracking the start of every click and drag for each window might be resource intensive? I wonder how Sticky Windows handles this?

3) Minimize other nubs on focus - While I haven't used Sticky Windows, the behavior of minimizing all other tabs when one is selected seems like it could be very useful.

Again, thanks for a neat app.

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Andrew... look, I know you're busy mate but do me a lemon: I've been trying to get V1.0 to work since 9.30am this morning on Win XP.

I've broken XP to the bare nuts - no Object Dock, no Window blinds... nada... but when I click on the Nubs.exe... nothing happens.

I'm no newbie geeza, strikes me I'm missin' sommat.

Spare me a sec and gimme a clue.

Luvvin' your stuff (well the pix of it anyways).


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>> If you run the app and dont see a tray icon pop in, and you have .net 2.0 installed, I dunno what to tell you. If you do see a tray icon, then it's just that you dont get how to use the app. Drag a window partially offscreen.

I do have .net 2.0 installed and actually removed 3.0 specially for Nubs. Been using Wincustomize modders for five or so years - Object Dock for two - tellin' ya fella, there's nothin' happenin'.

I get the tray icon in the bottom right and am waiting to see a funky lookin' dock pop up... but nuthin'.

Help a guy out here!

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A dock pop up?

It's not that way, or I'm messing up with your post (english ain't my native language). Start dragging a window (as if you were gonna move it somewhere) and keep moveing it against one of screen sides. The window will turn itself into a tab (ok... a "nub")

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Well I'll be blown! Matonga, you're a star... thank you for taking the time to explain. I could not work it out given there are no instructions and I thought it was an Object Dock Clone.

Checking it out now...

Thank you again mate, very good of you.


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I'm surprised something like that still works on vista (usually anything that manages the windows are broken with updates), it seems that it has been well coded :)

BTW : Shouldn't the Nubs close when I double click on it to show the window again ?

(Ah it's broken with Vista's IE7, while ok with explorer, not that I care but I'm just wondering why ...)

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Thanks. Individual nubs only close when you close the window or you tell the nub to close.

I'de really like to expand the app and do some more work with it, but the response from people on the whole hasnt been that resounding. It's been up for a long while now and only has about 10k downloads. I'm sure if there was a sudden surge in interest in the app again, I would put some more time into it. Perhaps the lack of interest is due in part to the lack of forums on shellscape. But I havent the time to implement forums again :P

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