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Were we bad as new users too?

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Vale, I dunno if that was serious or a joke but I'm goin to say it anyway: older meaning he's been signed up for a long time... Not older age-wise.

I really wanna start releasing stuff into AS because I look over all the threads I've started/posted in, and the majority is requests or help..

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And you're trying to say..what? That they don't get any older than 12 around here?


I registered when I was 9 (I am 12)

Age doesn't really matter, the elder doesn't mean know everything...everyone has their own unique way of thinking that's how i look at it, so stick around bud.

Oh i am older than u [i Am 13]

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Vale, I dunno if that was serious or a joke

It wasn't serious and it also wasn't a joke. It was a genuine question, as I got confused by him/her saying, "I'm not that old, but I suppose I'm one of the older ones"

i Am 13]

Snapp..they DO get older than 12! ;)

But in all seriousness now, I don't judge people by age. The topic is about "new users", not young users. Being bad or good as a new user all depends on the impression you leave the first few posts. Some users I still see as new, and bad, even at 800+ posts. It's all about the quality of your posts.

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Snapp..they DO get older than 12! ;)

mang...i wish i'm still 13 ;)

anyone know the general majority age on AS? I'm thinking 17-25... something like that.

It's either younger or older :)


see...elder folks are start showing, i don't mean nightcrawler though 'cause i think someone said he's eighteen

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