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INVI PRO Visual style (not Window Blinds version)

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hey all... hihi... i am joel if some of you guys dunno... :D:D but anyways... i would like to ask... i used to have window blinds xp installed until my pc got really laggy and got to remove it... but i really like this theme called Invi PRo... can anyone here help me make one that is the vs of it? here is the link to the window blinds xp one...


i really love it and really hope that i still can use it without window blinds...

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i have wb installed and it made my pc start up really slow... but when i upload WB and uninstall it... my pc when back to normal... ~.~ what can cause WB to make my pc slow? when i first install WB its ok but after awhile it started to lag and lag and lag and until this place where it made my pc really lag... so i got to uninstall it... :(

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There's no reason I can think of that would cause it to lag your system like that...that is unless is was some awful cracked version or something. Who knows what they put in those things.

In either case, the only way you'd get that theme ported is with the permission of TINAR.

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