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April '07 Desktops

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I can't find any themes at all! Can some one help me out where they get their visual styles from? PM would be perfect so we don't spam this thread.

My screenie for this week?


And also one more thing. How do you guys make or get the special banners for your screenshots? Thanks,


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Mine for today :)


Theme : Lie By Susumu, Itunes 7 Update by Xizor

Wall : Patterno by Psychopulse (NFR) , Mod by Me

Icons : Tiger Folders by Ikonmac, Mods by Me (NFR), Glow|be by Jonas, and SnowE2 by Rad-e8

Font : Calibri

Apps : Adium featuring Phillip Antoni and Coversutra

L8r :D

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