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April '07 Desktops

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Guest LeTs Go RaNgErS

sorry if i sound like a total "bleh", but why cant we show Myre?

Because esXXI has specifically requested that no Windows ports be allowed. Because they are rips and explicitly against artist request, we are not allowing it to be shown.

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Guest LeTs Go RaNgErS

hey bh2, nice clean setup! mind tellung us fellow non-worthy members that Removeable Drive icon? (thats waht it looks like....) Labeled- "cats"

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Hey Microsoft employee type!... Removable drive icon is part of the famous Aqua Blend icon suite. 'Cats' is the new Aqua by Susumu.

Glad you like... it's really only default Aqua.

Aqua... there... I've said it again.

And beer.

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