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April '07 Desktops

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Theme: Carbonite

Wallpaper: Oscar Design (my own brand one day hopefully

Icons: a huge mix, some are payware, some NFR, the rest is mods.

Apps: Twitterrific, Coversutra (modded), Adium (status icon mod)

Fonts: Calibri

Music: Oscar Sandee (myself with a 2 hour nonstop trance Liveset recorded from vinylmix 2006)

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Siro CR

Theme : Siro OSX by Daisuke Yamashita(山下大助) / Mod by me / I luv you & your Siro Mr.Yamashita :)

Wall : Created by j3_concepts In customize.org / Mod

Icons : From NickelCobalt guikit mix&mod whit The PhotoPro icons by Laurent Baumann and Palli Svansson / Mod by me & inspired from Rissol's Lonely.Tree shot

Adium : Message Style//Big Icons Blue by Andy Allcorn / Mod

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Thank you for comments ;)

Awesome shots everybody ;)

The tab thing is of course StickyWindows ;)


Theme: Smooth Aqua Orange by me

Wallpaper: THE NERVE by me

Icons: Finder and trash - Tupperware; Burning Planet by me ; Pirate Letter by PixelPress; iTalk icon by me - will be released when the app will come up; Adress book - default by Apple; iTunes by pAntoni; RSS and VLC by Jonas; Preview icon by me.


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