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Guest LeTs Go RaNgErS

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Guest LeTs Go RaNgErS

i would like to open up a phpBB forum under a free account. anyone interested in becoming Mods? or even Admins? currently we have me as an admin and MM3 as another Admin. We have room for one more admin and room for 5 or 6 mods.

its nothing special, since its hosted under forumer, and its not vBullitan. we just figured that we'd open up a computing discussion up. we can talk about anything as long as its computer related.

like i said before, its just a free forum, under phpBB and Forumer, we dont have our own domain and we do not have vBullitan. sorry if thats a problem, but it shouldnt really be one...

so yeah, anyone interested just post here and we'll let you know pretty much immediately.

i say, again....5/6 moderators are wanted. you will be accepted probably almost immediately.

if you wanna be an admin, however, you need to be screened. Mods are accepted IMMEDIATELY!!

ok thanks

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Guest LeTs Go RaNgErS

lol AppleThink your already an Admin silly!

hey guys, we got 4 more moderating positions open. come and get em while their hot!

we are working on getting a domain now, and MM3 comes back tomarrow! yay!

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hey guys, im back, and im glad to be. i just want to say that im sorry about all my nonsense lately, im trying to like...stop. wow i feel like an addict :P lmao

so yeah on this forum i am one of the main administrators along with master moderator, MSEMLOYEE393.

UPDATE: new domain. mysillypc.com not done, just mods sign up. check the other forum...

Not a very auspicious start, double posting, eh? -NC

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Actually, the board is here


As the board needs mods, the staff are now going to do research on any potential mods. I've provided this board with a dedicated server, domain and other perks, and would hate to see somebody come and screw the system up.

Please sign up if interested, we will research your post and whatnot here on AS, and any other forums that you have been a member of longer then 30 days.

MySillyPc is NOT mac emulation based. It's more of a broad range of topics, mac emu is one of them. There are incentives for mods, devs and artist(see rules & guidelines).

We are looking for one or two people experienced with Wordpress. I'd like to use wordpress as the frontend of the site. Display news, current post, new users and the such.

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also, we need some people that are good with blogging software that can be uploaded to our domain. thanks

Um, yeah. I've already told you, I'm using Wordpress as a frontend.

I understand that your like 14 and know nothing about web design and blog software, but please, "upload to our domain"? It's , upload to our server. I've already setup the domain, hosting, security, and the forum.

You want everything done NOW NOW NOW. I understand your hyperactive and all, but when someone extends their courtesy out as far as I have, don't rush things.

--I feel shamefull wasting bandwidth here discussing this. This should be discused over at MySillyPc.

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Not knocking young kids....DrFire was your age when I met him. I taught him VB, C++, HTML, PHP. But now he's a crack head, in and out of juvi. Thats why he hasn't posted for 2 years.

You can help out by signing up! The more people that sign up, the better SEO works , using the SEO plugin that I am using. the beter SEO is, the more people will find us.

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