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Icy Radio

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Found this as well:


UI LCID=1053




DigPidRegPath=HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionDigitalProductId

ErrorText=Programmet svarar inte.

HeaderText=Du har valt att avsluta programmet icyradio.exe som inte svarar.

EventLogSource=Application Hang










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LeifL, thanks for log, unfortunately I can't say much about this problem looking on this log.

I had such problem at work but can't test it. I suspected proxy also.

If You add this string in config.ini:




and write proxy then bass.dll (sound engine) will use this proxy address (theoretically).

(I thought that if, for example, I set proxy mode to "System Config" then program must use proxy from IE, and if IE works well - program must work also. But I can't test it)

PS: LeifL, "Get Screamer!" signature after error log sounds like sentence. lol!

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Wow,this is awesome,great I like it,in this new ver,do I have to used the whole files ?,or maybe I just could use the iTunes skin and sorry another request could you make the traffic button/min,max,close in aqua (red, yellow,green),thank you very much,appreciated

Hello, Husaini HB!

I've upload only needeŠ² files:



Just unzip to Icy Radio folder.

For some examples of video streams please import stations from _stations.xml

One problem with color buttons: we haven't maximize button and rec. button desirably must be red. It's possible to move rec. button, but it's the best place (not good that near with minimize, but in iTunes really 3 buttons in this place).

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Husaini HB, thank You!

I will try to do something with color buttons.

alabanco, in 1st page I add this links:



For example: http://wwitv.com/music_tv/index.html

First line: Albania .Rrokum TV 539K Music TV

if You copy link location (url) of "539K" link You will have this:

java script:listen('http://labelletv.net','http://wwitv.com/a1/b3344.asx',0)



to Icy Radio Favourites

Unfortunately, I did not do the mechanism of searching videos.

Hope this helps.

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Now,this is much much better since I use Leopard by blitzr,this is great,you know everyday I used it,and I found Smooth jazz from SKY FM and I could recording for 320 kbps and the result is fantastic,just make me disappointed is about the video tv,well cause my internet bandwidth it's bad,thank's again KSoft,keep up the good work,congrats !!

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@Husaini HB, I'm glad that this skin looks good with Leopard skin! :)

You can see low bitrate TV, I think. It can be lower then 320kbps.

@Apfel, thanks for comment,

if You talking about, for example, I've fixed it now and it will work in next version.

On separate files, I can know when a song changed only when I will get information about changing of song, but it comes not quite exactly (usually, it takes a place earlier) and i'is easy to define it by ear.

But it's good idea :)

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Thanks, Matias, I just thinking that IcyMedia likw IM (instant messenger),

IcyTV withour radio.

IcyRadio with TV is cool, I think. I thinking about "v" (video) but "TV" is more exactly.

Application can work without icyvideo,dll, so without this library it's only IcyRadio ;)

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