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Icy Radio

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Very nice application! Thanks! Will hopefully soon be better than Screamer Radio. :)

Some minor points:

- It would be nice if the genres were presented in alphabetical order.

- Possible to save the recordings named after the actual tunes? 19.05 - 11_35_28.mp3 is not very informative.

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I have been using this radio for a while.

I was using a older version, just updated to this one yesterday.

yesterday this version 3 worked very good.

today, it will not play. I hit the play button, nothing happens.

I go to favorites, double click , and it will not play.

I loaded the older version and it plays .

any one else having any issues with this new version of icy radio. ?

please give some advise.

I realy like this little radio. and use it frequently.

Thanks for any help.


thought I would give some feed back on this radio versions .3.

today I got home from work. and disabled my firewall. then started icyradio.3 and its working.

I guess that is what my problem was?

Thanks again for this icyradio. its the best .

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there is allot of people out there that have different likes and dislikes.

This icyradio is something I really like and enjoy. its simple. it records, it brings up many different kind of music to your choice.

for me, i do not use itunes and probably never will.

icyradio works very good for me. I put it on my portable usb , so i can use it at work.

This program is top notch

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@All, Thanks! :)

@Husaini HB, If somebody will wish to do new skin that I can help with it.

Basic difficulties are in graphic part. The structure of skin is enough simple in general.

Mini is good, it's just needed to leave place for labels: title, info, bitrate, stream type and playing time (new, in next version).

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Thank you for the new version,there isn't any text in the info that pop up on the bottom right corner,tx

Thanks for feedback! :)

Sorry, I made change in totifier in last moment and forgot to correct it.

Please download it again, I have correct it there.

(You can save "stations.xml" with Your saved stations and place it in new folder)

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Version 4 is very good.

every thing you added makes this little portable radio even better.

keep up the great work.

I will pass the word around about this great program.

Thanks again for all your work and time you put into this for us.

I appreciate it very much.

thumbs up to the best little radio.

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