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Icy Radio

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Husaini HB, CyLLlKA,

May I help you? I've a source for this:


Hi, KSoft! I have updated CyLLlKA's Sutra_Line skin with your source.



Looks not bad. :) But any skins are useless if the player does not perform its basic functions. Currently it have several problems that don't allow me to continue use it. One of them I mentioned below. So should we still expect the new version or we can forget about it and completely switch to analogues? Screamer Radio suits me well by functions but it's so ugly... :mellow:

I add this radio station:

http://radio.echo.msk.ru:8000/listen.pls or http://w02-sw01.akadostream.ru:8000/moscowecho128.mp3.m3u

And not one of references does not work. The version of the program beta

Second link that you posted is dead. First link has no stream inside. It only refers to playlist file, but stream inside playlist is broken. That's reason in your case. But I have the similar problem. Some 100% working streams are really not recognized by version 0.6.2 but on the other hand they work in previous versions 0.5 and 0.4. For example this link. It works correct in Screamer Radio and it opens in browsers, but not in ICY Radio 0.6.2. :( Does anyone knows how to work around this problem? Also, don't work streams from moskva.fm site in flv/aac format (short link (aac)). Screamer Radio plays them without problems.
Help when i start the radio to instal it shows bass.dll not found ? help pls
That's because you've downloaded only single EXE file but not complete distributive. Look links in first post more carefully.
I have a double display setup and I can't move Icy player to my second screen. Anybody knows why?
Answer was at previous page. Edited by IcyFan
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ICY Radio cant be used to find new stations or search them. No results come up.

Is there still a way to add (or configure) new music search engines to ICY Radio. When I choose icecast.org or shoutcast.com and look for music never any results come. With shoutcast the same few stations show up in the search result window no matter the genre I look and with icecast, no stations are found at all. Is this a bug with your program or did the icecast and shoutcast settings change so now ICY Radio cannot perform searches anymore? is there maybe a problem is the stations.xml file that can be edited so that the searches can work? Why did development stop or the source code not rslease so that someonecould pick-up where it was left from? This is THE BEST RADIO player EVER for Windows!!!!!!!!!!!!

Id love to fix this issue because I would like to keep using the program:)

Thank you very much!!!:)

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