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How to display post number with this skin?

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i like this aqua-skin very much, but i have the following problem:

with my default vBulletin style i can see the number of posts that a member in my forum made, but if i switch to aqua-skin, it's gone.

It left only "register date" and "reputation" information to display under Rank Level.

I have default vBulletin installed, without any Plugins. I notice that in Aqua-Soft Forum people can also see the number of posts of a member.

So, is that my configeratioin problem or the forum need to install a plugin???


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Hey Marc, you need to go into the postbit and postbit_legacy templates and uncomment the posts bit, all the info is there but its just hidden by default.

If you need help doing that let me know.

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I found these codes on postbit but am confused if these are the correct codes need to uncomment to show posts ... can you please help me ?


<!-- <tr>

<td align="right" class="desc">$vbphrase[posts]:</td>

<td align="left">$post[posts]</td>



<td align="right" class="desc">Status:</td>

<td align="left">$post[onlinestatus] $post[iplogged]</td>

</tr> -->

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