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Any Affordable Bape Clothing?

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haha, so now its about style huh...i like hoodies and jeans. mostly all my shirts are from nike with an airforce kinda thing on em and i love my airforce shoes. high tops, keep em blue to represent west coast :P

yea...so i wanna get one of there hoodies, they look cool.

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Best advice I heard so far: create your own style. Don't follow everyone else who gives into that conspicuous consumption crap...you can make a great style lots of people would love to copy off of through putting various things together..and they dont even have to buy expensive clothing...making your own style can even make you stand out and make you seem as if you buy expensive clothing. I've seen this alot throughout NYC and it is possible!

Bape is overrated and too expensive. Bape is for followers and wannabes. - Did I really say that? Oh yes I did!!! lol :D

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