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Need to Find These Icons...

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Okay, thanks a lot everyone. Now all I need are the recycle bins and boxes.

Edit: @ SirSmiley, you said the fifth is "Candy Drive Blue", are there more like that but in different colors?

@ Ronnie Coleman, you too, do you have more like that?

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@ MICHIRU: Thank you for the recycle bin icons.

@ SirSmiley: When I went to the site in your post, I only saw "Aqua Candy Revolution" there, not Aqua Candy like you said. And in "Aqua Candy Revolution" there are drives that are similar, but not the ones that I went. Can I find them anywhere else?


Hey guys, I'm still looking for the recycle boxes and I'm guessing the original "Aqua Candy" set with those different colored drives. I still need your help, please!

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