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Firefox 1.5.10 keeps crashing

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It had been couple weeks now, keeps crashing at least 2 times a night i'm wondering...any of you boys & girls out there experiencing this sort of thing? updated 1.5.10 the reason i keep this...is because i don't wanna lose one of the theme i'm using right now has no longer updated.

anything comment would appreciated

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disable the bookmarks toolbar. if you already have it disabled then run it in safemode and try again.

ya...i've tried it, once in a while still, i just updated 2.0, now all the font start from menu, bookmard using system font, this is when i say Oouch...it hurts ;)


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my FF 2.0 keep crashing too, it happens every day , sometimes few times a day.

sometimes it's while i surf some Flash websites, sometimes .pdf is ther eason/ when it opens in new tab (i hate pdfs) ... and while i try to browse to the other tab while pdf is loading it crashes or stop responding and i need to kill it....

i updated flash/java/addons/FF itself too, it's all on autoupdate ... anyidea?

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you could try right click on Firefox icon/properties/Compatibility/check box Run this program in compatibility mode for and select Windows 98/Windows Me [that didn't work for me maybe works for u]

Java did work for me [Thanks a bunch for that tip from djwilliams] have u check it in control Panel? default does not check box auto update u should try in there.

Good luck ;)

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