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Selling Toshiba Gigabeat S - How much?

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Post it on ebay, for the same price as Zune and title your entry as "Original Zune Classic - a collector's edition" .. ;)

you might even get more if you put bidding option...

... duh, I hope you realize that I'm just kidding.. :D

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Wel, the main reason I don't want to deal in person is because I'm 14. I could handle myself, but I can imagine the conversation:

Me: Dad, Can we go to the mall?

Dad: Why?

Me: So I can meet a total stranger to sell my MP3 player . . .

Dad: . . .

I'm willing to use a Cash on Delivery system. It's where I send the package to a UPS store near the buyer. The buyer then goes to pick up the package at the store and must pay the UPS store before getting the package.

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