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iTunes 7.1 Release

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I have a problem with this new iTunes. I'm running WinXP Pro SP2 2002 and never had this problem with iTunes until the new one came out. I have considered reinstalling, but I'm not sure if I'll lose my library. When I try to set iTunes 7.1 to the "Default Audio Player" it gives me the error that I do not have enough user priveleges, though I am the only Admin on this computer. Suggestions?

That happens every now and again for me. For some reason, the installer puts very restrictive permissions on the filetype keys related to itunes so you can't manually change them. I usually notice it when I open up contextedit and get an error. In the past I've had to change permissions manually with regedit but I've also used a mass registry permissions changer as well . Try changing the default app for file types in explorer by right-click->Properties->Open With...

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Alright, but this really sucks because Zune, for some reason, always resets it so that it is the default music player, and I can't do anything about that in the Options menu anyway. Also... if I reinstall it (since I get the MultiPlugin error) will my library still be there? Thanks.

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Wow... working together? Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. You don't see them in the same sentence unless there is a "hate each other" inserted in between them! I hope they can work out something soon... as with all the other products concerning Vista compatibility... want it ASAP.

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Has anyone noticed sever memory leaks in the last two updates of iTunes? If I leave the player on for long enough, it reaches up to 990 Mb of RAM...which cannot be explained by anything but a memory leak...

Upon start up it seems normal, but a few minutes in, it climbs up to about 200 Mb of RAM usage...I don't know what's going on.

It's currently using a library of 106 gigs...would that cause the ridiculous memory usage?

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Sorry for not posting here since the iTunes 7.1 release.

I'm having a hard time making Multi-Plugin compatible with iTunes 7.1.

Some features like iPod Hebrew support and even the iTunes menu got totally broken.

But I'll fix them eventually.

Any ideas on how long it will take till its released? Missin the Media Keys Feature :( and the skins.

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Any ideas on how long it will take till its released? Missin the Media Keys Feature
iTunes 7.1.x has Media Keys features out of the box.... though some people have reported it's working in weird way.. I had problem only on one system so far out of the 4 systems that I installed on, and that too because of Global Multimedia Key plugin which was installed previously.
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hey folks.... just came across this forum.... was looking to apply skins to itunes or what not...but i read that the new itunes is not compatible with the multi plug in yet.... all good.... the problem i'm having is the cover flow view...... not looking at all as slick as the screenshots i've seen on the web....

here's mine.....


don't diss me cause of the 50 cent...just played the first thing i saw...hahahhaha

and here's what i see it's supposed to look like....


needless to say mine looks like a commadore 64 and i'm wishing i could go back to itunes 6 right now..... any ideas on what might cause this or what i can do?


i'm an xp user by the way if that helps

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