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Is Avedesk still being developed?

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I myself would be glad if development were still ongoing. I believe that after Leopard comes out with (possibly) some nice new features and visual novelties people will start to show interest again, and the emulation fever will rise again (lately, everything went a tad numb around here...).

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I too am a great fan of avedesk and i too would love to see its development continuing. If Andreras gets a few things sorted out asnd organised I think this program has huge commercial viability when free despite Vista.

Andreas - do reframe your answer again

a) stopped as in never going to touch the project ever again

B) will do so when i feel like it or upon recovery

Good luck with whatever you choose to do! ...and thanks for avedesk 1.3 and beta 2.0 even if you choose not to develop this program further

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