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March '07 Desktops

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My contribute for march.

hope that † Jaziel † doesn't mind lending me the idea from "Ephemeral"

The problem was just that the original size was 1280×2048. And on my MacBook Pro 17" I use 1680*1050 so I had to mod it a little bit.

mod: change resolution, removed the "sexy blossom", added more "lightballs", plus ear "bling, bling"

Theme: Carbonite

Wall: My mod of (Sexy_Blossom_by_Wyel) I call my sensual rainbow

Icons: huge mix (some self mod)

Font: HandelMod

***Music / Jealous Guys - Mr Brightside (Scot Projects Bright Remix) PROMO, Not released yet

check out my version here

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Wherever you've got the Finderbar_Engine.exe, there should be a file called Finderbar.ini. If you open that file in Wordpad or Notepad, you should find a [Window] section. The FontName and FontSize preferences are what you need to change. On my computer, the font is called Lucida Grande but on yours it may be without the space.

I didn't know if you knew that's where to change the font from.

Nice looking setup, by the way. :D

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I know how to change the font and stuff... I just don't know where to get the Lucide Grande font and whether I should put bold or what size to use, to make it look exactly or close to the Mac's Finder font. I got close to it but it still looked choppy. And thanks :)

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