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Could someone convert these Leopard Folders to png?

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This set of icons was recently released by Orhan Okay, the creator of the Serengeti Drives.

The link: http://www.orhanokay.com/iconmacmagazine/

The Leopard Folder icons are at the very top of the page

-download link: http://www.orhanokay.com/download/serengetifolders.dmg.zip

The problem is that the icons are packaged as a dmg...

Could someone please convert the icons to pngs in a zip or rar folder?

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[email protected] Jannie you're too quick. :P

Guess Sandman got a little too much sand in their eyes tonight.

PS. The Folder's File doesn't extract right for me.

Guess so :cool:


I have the same problem with the folders, wonder what's wrong? Hmm...maybe someone with a Mac could do us a favor and post the png's?

I was able to extract some of the icns, but not all of them

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