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Transferring Files between Windows and VMWare

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hey i recently decided to go VMWare after reformatting as to not screwing up anything on my computer. Turns out that the problems with my comp were caused by my emulation resources. Anyways, i was wondering if anyone knows how to transfer/share files in between the normal computer, and the VMWare...server i guess. I log onto it as a local host, if that holds any importance. Sorry to mods if i didn't post this in the right section.

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I have never used VMware Server. I use VMware Workstation EXTENSIVELY though. With Workstation you must first install the VMware Tools. From there you can just drag and drop between the guest and host systems.

I'm guessing you could also try sharing a drive on the host and mapping it on the guest possibly. I'm at work now and I don't have access to my machine so I can't check what other options are available.

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