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Icon Ripper: ~armstrongstewart on deviantart

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The first link i can see there's an Original Author has left some comment to it, you should listen to this

If your worried about it, why don't you email the original authors and let the decide if it makes them angry. Theres no reason why you should run around policing everyone elses IP
instead of keep open up Rippers theard, who cares let the original Author deals

with it...he probably does not see the consequences of it.

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The one (the VLC icon) where the original author is complaining that its a rip is released under creative commons "Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Spain" The only thing this 'ripper' didn't do was attribute the original author by his name but rather by his webpage. Since the original author didn't specify how the icons should have his attribution with them, then I would say he hasn't even done anything wrong.

I dont know about the rest, but the VLC icons were used properly under their license. If the author is mad that he put the wrong license on them, thats his fault.

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