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QT TabBar - Tabs in Windows Explorer (XP/Vista)

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I wrote a plug-in for QTTabbar that provides a button that toggles the FindeXer pane. It requires the registry edit that creates a shortcut key for the FindeXer menu entry, then it uses a compiled AutoHotKey script to activate that menu entry. Perhaps not the most elegant solution, but it does the job. Installation instructions are in the zip. Comments welcome!

EDIT: the zip file was removed since there is now a later version that is better. You will find it in a later post.

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The dll is a modified version of Quizo's "Folder button" plug-in, recompiled using SharpDevelop. The exe is a complied AutoHotKey script that basically just sends ALT V E X. I noticed that the AutoHotKey script places itself briefly in the system tray by default, which annoyed me. So I recompiled it with the #NoSystemTray option. The new version is in the attached zip file. Just copy it over the top of the old one in your system32 folder.


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I am guessing the reason it doesn't work is that ALT V in English Windows opens the View menu, but in Czech Windows it opens the help thing. What is the correct letter for the View menu? I could re-compile the AutoHotKey script for you. (Or you can decompile the exe using Exe2ahk, make the changes yourself, and recompile using Ahk2exe! Everything is available at the AutoHotKey site)

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Before I get stuck in an endless succession of customisation, allow me to present to you all the source code. To compile the FindeXerButtonPress exe, you will need AutoHotKeys. To compile the QTFindeXerButton dll you can use SharpDevelop. (By the way, after compilation, you will find the dll in the bindebug folder.) The source clearly shows that I used Quizo's Folder Button plugin. I hope he doesn't mind!

Perhaps as a result of releasing this source code someone might improve on it. I will be interested to see what develops...


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Thx man, you have helped me a lot. Now I have exporer like I want. On the left I have classics windows buttons (folder tree/cut,copy,paste/view), then QT adress bar and then Search box and the search button I use to enable findexer. Yes, I would like to enable findexer by the foldertree windows button, but it really dont know how to do it, so this is the best solution. Thanx again fredastaire

P.S. Next problem what I want to solve is open folders in tab with mouse wheel clicking from findexer, any ideas? ;)


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