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QT TabBar - Tabs in Windows Explorer (XP/Vista)

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Although this was my first problem with QT Tabbar, too, it's no more as it finally killed my Styler Toolbar anyway...

After Quizo added a "View Mode" button to QT Tab, there isn't anything (except maybe the "New Folder" button) I'm missing. It's styleable also - well, maybe with buttons of max. 24*24px, but that's enough for me... :)

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This just had a major update. Some nice changes IMO.

From the site:

Version 1.1 ( 2007-9-5 )

+Supports Plugins

+Supports language file

+Option to send window to task tray

+Option to specify Preview tip max size

+now Toolbar background color is available on XP

+merged Shortcut key editor

+added user skins

+installer update

Plugin pack






-folder memo, view mode button are now provided as plugin

-purged Password, Screen shot

*fixed: memory usage and some leaks

*fixed some bugs

Edit: Check out the Window Manager Plugin. That's just eliminated my need for Sizer! :)

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Yes, it does.

What I did this time was go to the registry and exported the the Groups and UserApps Keys to a reg file. Then applied them after installing the new version. You have to kill explorer again or logoff. Or apply the reg files after installing QT Tabbar.

Never tried it with the general settings but, it may work for those since he just add additional features in.

Here's the Key Path:


Edit: Here's some script files to do the backup & restore. You'll need to change this to the folder you want to save the files too.



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Another update.


Edit: - Forgot there's an update checker now.

- More/Better options for skinning the tool bar backgrounds

- added an Alt+Tab equivalent for navigating tabs from keyboard.

- Some nice improvements to "QT Tab Desktop Tool" tool bar


From the Change Log:

Version 1.2.2 (2008-2-4)


Tab switcher window ( Ctrl+Tab / Ctrl+Shift+Tab )

Option to enable/disable wheel click on Folder Tree to open new tab (XP)

2 menus added to DesktopTool context menu,

menu by one click/enable application shortcut keys on desktop

Tab text shadow

Drive letter on tab icon

Option to draw toolbar background image stretched on each band

Menu to merge other windows ( in a process )

Update checker

Now ButtonBar has system look

Now explorer won't lock plugin files


Right-Drag&Drop did not work in tab or subfoldertip

Search bar of explorer disappears by tab changing (XP)

Subdirtip excludes hidden folders

Subdirtip menu cancels right-drag&drop menus

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Dave, doesn't do that for me either unless the folder is a long name.

Wonder if it's a language specific issue?

DZGH, define slow & buggy?

The very first version I had some issues with but, they've been ironed out now and none caused any crashes or lock ups.

It's never been any slower for me than explorer usually is. Sadly I don't think it's possible for anyone to make Explorer faster.

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