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Extract Program Icons


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Well I always spent much time designing my icons for the Dock, now I'm using Mac Switch and naturally want to use the icons from the dock.

This works fine as long as i use my own icons. But there are some applications like iTunes and Skype, that brought a perfectly clear min. 128x128px sized icon with themself that appeared immediatly when i added the apps to the dock. I want to use these Icons for Mac Switch too, but I don't know how to extract them. I found some applications for extracting Icons from .exe's but though i see in RK launcher that there must be a bigger icon, all these programs only show a 32x32 sized icon to me.

I wonder if there's any possibility to use the ability of RK launcher, that actually is using the big versions of the icons, to extract these big versions.

I hope you understand what i want, excuse my bad english.

Thanks for help


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Save urself the trouble, there are 128px icons of alot of apps already floating around. Just search for them on the boards, or post ur request in the proper Icon thread. If ur one of the stubborn people I know exist, then u'll might want to use Axialis Iconworkshop to extract the icons from the .exe's.

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