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New Style Matrix Screen Saver

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This is a new style of the old matrix screen saver. You can replace the code in 3 files. It's vary quick and stable. No settings yet, but a very nice looking screen saver.

yes, this is my code and own compilation :-)


The 3 code files are just for looks. You can change them and add anything you want.


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cool, good job. one other thing: just clicking on the screensaver tab from display properties (or selecting it from the drop-down) starts the screensaver. it really shouldn't do that. but, one thing i really like about it: i like that moving the mouse doesn't turn it off, and that you have to click like on a mac. nice!

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I understand there are a few bugs, like it showing when you apply it and what not. I am working on that. I am going to add some other graphic options. Like 3d writing and custom graphic inisertion and maybe custom background settings. I will try to update as much as posible and keep the download file fresh.

glad some of you like it :-)

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