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Damaged iPod?

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So heres the scoop. I had my ipod for over a year now, maybe even longer (couple months) and all of a sudden ive been having major issues with it. When going to class :). I usually have my ipod in hand, but once i cut it on it shuts off with a "power failure" sound! The next few hours it cuts on with no problem and works fine and suddenly shuts off or freezes.

So the following week i havent used it because i was pretty much fed up with it. I cut it on with a "sad face" ipod logo on the screen with visit apple site/support. I did the following instructions which is to restore my ipod or force into disk mode. I did !. cleared all the data and restored it back . It worked fine, but then again .. it repeats the same failure problems but shutting off unexpectedly. I asked a couple of friends of mine if they were having the same problems, as they stated.. " my ipod does the same crap after a year so " Has anyone have the same problems i have and knowing any solutions to it ?

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Unfortunetly as good as the iPod is, like everything things do go wrong.

Turning it self off, and freezing is often a sign of software issue more than a hardware issue. I would normally say try doing a full restore.

However, if your getting that unhappy ipod face, its more often than not something more serious. Battery or Harddrive failure... worst case a logic board failure.

All i can think at present is running some tests in diagnostic mode, you might be able to narrow the problem down.

What Gen is it? Windows or Mac formatted?

Try this link it will tell you how to get into the iPods hidden diagnostic commands [LINK]


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