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quite the little MS soldier we have :P

i have 187 songs/each song ~4:30min/i keep a high standard for all my songs...must be at least over 150kbps... so the grand total is about 1 GB. I have lots of movies though... so all in all, i have used about 4GB on my 30GB iPod Video, and the same on my 80GB iPod Video... like ellada said, quality > quantity

P.S. - is there a way to sync different iTunes libraries? on the same user. For example, let's say i want my 30GB iPod to sync 1 section of songs, and my 80GB to sync the other section, how would that go about?

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Guest LeTs Go RaNgErS

on your mac, hold down the option key while iTunes is loading. Select the "create a new iTunes library" option. import all your songs as desired. Then, export your library to a name like, iTunes 2nd Library, or something. Then, every time iTunes boots up, hold down the option key. Select the library you would like to load.

Note- if you do not hold down the option key, then your regular library will be loaded.

Thanks to metallicamaster3 for the little tip he gave me on this a few days ago.

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