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February '07 Desktops


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****...another NC shot.... yeah!


Wallpaper - AmoNiCu - Roike

Icons - Amora -/// AmoNiCu Blue Mod By Roike ///- By D.Lanham

GuiKit - AmoNiCu By Roike

Amora GuiKit + Nickel Cobalt Guikit

Amora Credits - D. Lanham

Nickel Cobalt Credits - Paul Johnson - Max Rudberg - Philipp Antoni

Dock Icons - Amora Orbs -/// AmoNiCu Blue Mod By Roike ///- By D.Lanham

Itunes Skin - AmoNiCu - By Roike

Adium - AmoNiCu - By Roike

Yahoo Widgets Album Artwork By Roike ( a mod of sputnik )

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visual style: decadence by nuance

litestep: decadence by nuance

wallpaper: simple pattern by me

foobar: by me

music: saint etienne

notepad: resource hacked / text from wikipedia (telefon tel aviv)

mirc: resource hacked

windows picture viewer, hacked

miranda: c_list classic

windows explorer, resource hacked

images: aquatic by liajedi & pressure by (?) & adreno from mandulux

cursor: comix white by firstfooter

pretty similar to my last desktopsubmission, so its more or less the same, hopefully without the purple font issue.

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