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Home-Made Mod of Sage Safari RSS

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I don't know how well this works. I've tried it on my machine and it seems fine.

I took the current version of Sage (The Sage Team): https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/77/

and meticulously copied the the contents of the .jar file from here (inktri's Safari RSS Sage Mod/Skin and GrApple for Firefox 1.5 PC): http://www.osx-e.com/downloads/misc/sage_safari.html

and came up with this: I think it works (hence the help tag). I don't know much about what I just did, but it works.

I did this on a lark, so I didn't actually expect it work. No errors cropped up during install. It appears to install as Sage (don't know how to change the name, etc.). If anybody knows how to polish this one up, be my guest. :)


Found one problem: Alt-S controls Sage, rather than Alt-Z. So other than not being able to access the History (without using menus), it appears to work fine. Does anybody know how to fix that?


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well, the left sidebar looks nice, that's a better look. but let me ask you this: does the right sidebar stay still while scrolling? if it does, i'll be downloading this. :)

Yes. Other than screwing up the Sage shortcut, Sage Safari works like it does in Firefox 1.5, it just now compatible with Firefox

Sorry for being ignorent but what is different? is it just like this one http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?p=343445?

by the way nice job...

Good question! I made it compatible with FF2.0 (by accident). That's the difference. :)

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I'm sorry I can't help you with this; I know very little about editing Firefox extensions. But I have to say...great job on the mod. My Firefox is now one step closer to being Safari lol

Plus, this looks better than the pinstripe theme for Sage on my monitor (no offense).

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