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The new house design... "Condo 2007" (hi-speed only HI RES PICS)

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Heres some idea's that I'm toying with for the new condo!

It's a work in progress!

So im posting to get ideas, and projections from everyone here.









This is the start of it! Very Happy


Chip has added stuff of his own recently to be added to the plan...

he wants six pain doors, and hardwood floors installed... so those are two things that will be added... the hardwood floors will only in the, kitchen, living room, foyer, and hallway...

We'll also be posting some pictures of the curent condishions of the place soon...

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i know that the stainless appliances look very modern and all, but the maintenance on those things may make you want to reconsider. they show every single fingerprint. then those fingerprints smudge and spread out. then you need special cleaner to clean them. and you have to clean the whole surface, not just the smudged areas, otherwise you can see the clean spots.

i'm just sayin', is all...

(oh, doors have windows 'panes.' the cost of the doors give you 'pain.')

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