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What do you Look Like?

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i am sorry to say this, but ZeroC00l, are you the lame? unless it's sarcasm or something, of which i don't detect... why would people post pics of someone else as them? i highly doubt you're arron kwok.

why took u so long? lol...damn it almost nail Vi


to all westerners he's not different as Brad Pitt

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haha, thanks it is probably one of the better things about me :)

Edit: How come you haven't uploaded a picture :|

Yeah 4th post down....

but seeing as I've dyed my hair recently...

awww what happened to ur second piccy with the oversized headphones?


suddenly, from across the board, their eyes met...

we'll be back in 2 and 2...

hahaha... this thread just keeps getting funnier and funnier.

Unbe or Timan ought to conduct our online marriage or civil union.

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Hehe, so true.

What is this? The Khalua/Zartheit special? Get a blog you two!

thats so funny yet so true...well you can blame em for it they couldnt resist...

btw more pics of m on my myspace (yer lame i know having a myspace and everything but its the only way my friends converse now lol)>>its my site url on my aquasoft profile

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