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Adding iTunes controls to Objectbar


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my objectbar screenshot is in attachemnt, so i have already (play, next, prev, thingie)..all i need is settings for itunes.. something like:...

C:Program FilesiTunesiTunes.exe itunesControlsprev

C:Program FilesiTunesiTunes.exe itunesControlsnext

C:Program FilesiTunesiTunes.exe itunesControlsplay

(something like that)

if you know what i mean

i can't surf much my connection is limited so if you can help with more info, liks and stuff would be very greatful


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thanks Localhost, now i need to figure out where to copy it, and what to do with it, :))

i might ask for help again if i don't figure it out by myself soon :blush:

thanks very much


i copied it in itunes folder and running any of .exe files doesn't do anything for my itunes..i linked it in objectbar thingie (i don't know terminology) ..ehmm and it still doesn't do anything..

what should i do with it ... i have iTunes 7.2


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title is %Artist - %Name

MP 2.4

exe files are in itunes folder..when i run any of exe you've attached nothing happening.. hmmm i have win XP sp2 maybe that's a prob..itunes is latest one...


do i need to put these4 .exe files in some specific folder or they should work anyways no matter where they are?

i tried everything i am lost :) ehhh





Thank you LocalHost

I guess I changed into MODE 2 (fix media keys function) and MP 2.5 update installed

(nice features bytheway).

thank you very much.you're God :) Do you have beard? :P

sitting on cloud?

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Do you have Multi-Plugin?

I don't know if they work without it.

If you do have Multi-Plugin, make sure you didn't change the titlebar to anything except the default or "%Artist - %Name".

Hi! this is my first time in this forum! I've a problem with my buttons.

I've the multi-plugin 2..5 (Gret JoB!) and your buttons too, but my keyboard doesn't work if the buttons work (buttons in mode 2 fixed but... keyboard in mode 1 or 3... Someone can help me, please?

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