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Removing Windows Media Player

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Whilst trying to update to Windows Media Player 11, I've come across a hugely annoying error. During the installation, it flat out crashes, and my computer restarts without warning. The install process seems to be going to fine and it gets past 'Installing Windows Media Format Runtime', but as soon as it starts with the next step my PC restarts.

I have no idea what is causing this, so I'm looking to completely remove Windows Media Player from my computer and simply start again - reinstalling from a clean base. Is there a tool, or anyone with experience, that can help me remove Media Player entirely? Thanks for your help :)

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WMP11 gave me issues too. After installing it, when i double-clicked any media file, the player would come up, and then that stupid "Sorry for the inconvenience now this program is gonna shut down on you" error.

I rolled it back to 10, installed it again, and now it works fine. You can do this in Add/Remove programs.

Also, there's different ways that it can be updated. Did you download the installer, is it doing it automatically, or what. The first time I installed it was by downloading the installer from Microsoft.com. The second time, i let WMP10 do it on its own.

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I never left, NC. I stick my head in from time to time, check out the big releases etc. ;)

I checked that control panel you mentioned, but no luck there. XP seemed to get it into its head that it was running WMP10, even though I had uninstalled 11. Luckily this little event coincided with the big barrel full o' issues that my computer has been having, so I just decided to do a quick reformat. WMP seems to be running OK now, although I haven't used it much yet.

Thanks for your help, as always :D

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