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My Aqua Trillian Skin


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Allrite! Im like 98% done with the skin, everything is skinned except for some buttons, which i can have 2 alternate solutions to...

1.) edit the xml and make it so i can still use the buttons Fine Details - Takes time

2.) make the round button into more of a "square" shape. the little time, less detailed, not so rounded button type...

here is the screenshot


one more thing...

if any of you guys can host the file, please let me know by email or IM on msn/aim

aim: zzpcpzz

msn: [email protected]

i dont want to put it on my servers at all, but i just want one site to download it off, where all mirrors will be placed.


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looks AMAZING! :D

just wondering what buddy icons look like when theyre displayed.....that kinda ruined jef's skin for me (no offense...it was great too)

def make me go back to trilllian

good luck.....if you need help with any graphics let me know...ill be happy to help

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i need to make a change...

should i keep the normal ichat icons on the top of the window or should i put the normal aim/msn/icq/irc/yahoo icons on it? and if possible can someone give me that one chat bubble from the ichat icons, just the chat bubble? so i can add my own irc and stuff icons to it.

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