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Aqua-Soft substyles question

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I am a donator, just upgraded my vb forum to 3.6.4 and the matching version of Aqua-Soft.

I was hoping this update would include the windowless "Aqua*" sub-style we see here on aqua-soft.org. My forum has some computer newbies, and some note that they find the standard Aqua-Soft style (and it's fake "window frame") to be a bit confusing.

Any chance this sub-style could be made available to us?

Also, I note in the the graphite sub-style is not compatible with 3.6.4 at this time... any idea of the time frame that it might?

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I managed to fix up the graphite substyle myself, seems to be working.

Still curious about the windowless "Aqua*" sub-style we see here on aqua-soft.org. It's a subtle change but one that many of my users have requested and would appreciate.

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Thank you so much for offering this, Timan!

I installed it as a "child style" to Aqua Soft. Unfortunately it didn't work for me... the only difference with the new style was that it removed the thin blue border at the top and bottom of every page. The title bar (with colored "gumdrop" buttons in the upper left) is still there, as are the blue borders on the right and left side of every page.

FWIW, I just tried uploading it on a totally clean install of vBulletin 3.6.4, with an stock install of Aqua-Soft (ie: no template tweaks by me.) I got the same results with this child style.

Any clues would be appreciated. (And thanks again for sharing!)

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Make sure the header template only has this bit. Some reason when I export it, it doesn't save it.

<a name="top"></a>


Remove everything else.

That should remove the caption bar and the side shadows.

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This should do it, just upload it and make it a child of the Aqua-Soft - Aqua one. Only has like 2 changes in it so its small.

This style gave me some CDATA problems BTW... did you by any chance edit the XML manually after it was exported, Timan? If not then the export was bad, some errant XML was showing up in the rendered HTML.

I got it cleaned up; here is a version that works better for me.


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